1) A trellis is a structure of light bars of wood which cross each other at intervals, used as a gate, screen, window, etc.

1422 the trelys wyndowe at the somer hall, the glasse wyndows, York

1532 pro v.m les hartlattes pro trelysis, York

1616 streight saughe wodd to make trellesses

1676 pro trellises of the windows, Ripon Minster. The making of trellises was one of many woodland crafts: 1617 divers others doe lyve on my wodds ... many trellesse makers, Brandsby. It could be used as a verb: c.1520 Will’mo Caruer trelyssyng et carvyng per j diem, 6d, Ripon.

spellings trellis-maker
dates 1422 1520 1532 1616 1617 1676

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0