1) A wheel, especially the lantern wheel of a mill.

1316 ‘Adam son of Jordan Milner carried from Cartworth mill 2 ironed trendles price 2s’

1391-2 In tryndallo pro j porta infra cymiterium 3d, Ripon

1441-2 ‘working the said iron into bands and hoops for le axeltree and lez trendells of the said mill’, Selby

1468 pro j stoke pro le tryndiles ... pro le byndynge eorumdem tryndiles, Brotherton Mill

1549 ij watter whells ij Cogge whell troghes and trondyll, Ecclesfield

1618 2 trimdle heads for a mill, South Cave.

spellings trundle
dates 1316 1391-1392 1441-1442 1468 1549 1618

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0