1) A horse that trotted briskly, as opposed to one that ambled.

1423 uno equo gray trottar

uno equo bay ambeler, York. More frequent are references to the verb ‘to trot’: 1445 ‘a mare of myrkgray colour trottant’, Bolton

1472 a gra horse trotyng whiche gois in the Parke, Pontefract

1539 A Blake Fyllye and trots, Sheriff Hutton

1551 I giue hyme one grae ambelinge stage ... I giue vnto hyme one grae stagge that trottith, Burley

1631 sould one sad bay maire trots, Adwalton. See Ambler in GRDict.

dates 1423 1445 1472 1539 1551 1631

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0