trown weight

1) Lead ore has been measured by the 'dish' since the late twelfth century at least (JHR60) but in Nidderdale a smelting agreement indicates that a ‘trough’ or ‘trow’ may have served a similar purpose.

1527 the seide parties ... shall, durynge the plesor of the seide abbot well and trewly burne and make in cleyn and sufficient leede all suche leede ure as is ... delyverde unto theme ... at the more of Grenehow from tyme to tyme after trown weight. Swaledale inventories contain evidence for the practice there: 1560 Debtes awinge ... William Skott 8 trowes of ure, Downholme

1583 Detes ... Thomas Cherye 9 trowes of lead ure, Grinton.

dates 1527 1560 1583

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0