1) Access routes to the turf-pits.

1317-8 ‘half an acre on le Turfgates’, Yapham

1528 ‘a road called a Turffegate’, Keighley

1570 ‘not keeping the water outside the Turffe gate’, Slaithwaite

1640 that euery householder do come or send a suffitient labourer to the mending of the ... turfgates, Holmfirth. Turfway was a less common word: 1582 a waye commonlie called Gisburne turffe waye. It gave rise to several minor places, including: 1492 via voc’ Turfewey, Sowerby. The modern spelling of this Sowerby name is Turgate Lane.

spellings turfway
dates 1317-1318 1492 1528 1570 1582 1640

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0