1) Originally a carpet woven in one piece of richly-coloured wools and having a deep pile, imported from Turkey or woven elsewhere in imitation of the style: often a table covering. Later the word was applied more loosely to a variety of imitative fabrics.

1568 First one Longe turkey Carpet Ł5 0 0. Item 7 litell turkey Carpetts Ł2 6 8, Healaugh

1591 Three square qwisheons of Turkie worke, Skipton

1620 payd for forder yerds of Turkye grogram to make hoes & dublitt at 7s the yeard, Brandsby

1643 Item j Turkey-worke foote carpet, a large one, Skipton

1656 Item stuffe for a Turkey worke Chaire with armes 16s, Eshton.

spellings turkey carpet turkey work
dates 1568 1591 1620 1643 1656

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0