1) Words for a twin.

1583 twa twyndles of Richard Turton, Barnsley

1644 Aprill Richard sone of Mr Richard Horsfall bapt xxviith day. Ricard sone of the said Mr Richard Horsfall and the latter borne beinge twindles bapt same day, Kirkburton. A word found in the Saxton register may be the clerk’s invention: 1626 William Pearson and Margrett Pearson beinge sonne and daughter of Richard Pearson beinge Twillinges was buried the xvith of March

1644 Nicolas the son of Robert Tasker and his brother being Twinlingings [sic] the xxvijth of December. A Rievaulx Abbey lease of 1528 has an endorsement Campe and Twillynge alias Twindill but the deed itself is illegible.

spellings twindle
dates 1528 1583

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0