1) To turn, twist or wind.

1619-21 leaving the beck and bridge on the lefte hande, twyninge southeaste by Sutton Hagg

1642 take out theire forkes and rakes out of the Waines arse least they bee broken with turning and twininge in the barne, Elmswell

1738 did threaten to twine or ring the neck about of Mr Tancred, Whixley. Dialect speakers used the form ‘to twind’: 1758-62 twinding weft into warp, Wakefield.

dates 1619-1621 1642 1738 1758-1762

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2) Thread with two or more strands.

1390 ij stane of prus garne & a stane of twine, York.

places York
dates 1390

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0