1) This word occurs only rarely but it marks a transitional stage in the development of ‘wheel’ as a term for a building.

One document contains the following illustrative information: 1587 here runeth a water called Porterwater whereupon there is a whele sett and a house over yt for grynding knyves and other Iron worke and whether … ther are now standing … uppone Lyttle Sheyffeild Nethermore any house and wheeles in the same torninge with the watter ther runinge and the said whelehowses. The by-name and surname Wheelhouse date from the fourteenth century and are associated chiefly with buildings in lead-mining areas, almost certainly locations where water power was being used in the smelting process. See GRDict.

places Sheffield
dates 1587

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0