1) The site of a cutler’s wheel.

A Latin deed of 1549 conveyed land in Ashyngcar in Ecclesfield to William Shoter of Wadsley which abutted on Lokkysley water and it was endorsed Whelested. Similarly, a deed of 1557 which relates to the same property has on the reverse the words concerning a Wheel Sted in Ashincar, but in a later hand. Finally, an English deed of covenant in 1578-9 described ‘one wheel stead and two grynding stones in Asshing Carre’ which were held by John Creswick. This last example of ‘wheel stead’ was probably given its modern spelling by the editor but the document seems likely to mark the occasion when the two earlier deeds were endorsed.

places Ecclesfield
dates 1549 1557 1578-1579

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0