1) A yearling, an animal one year old, usually a calf.

1549 Item thre yearyng cealves price 15s, Marrick

1557 Fyve yering calves xxvjs viijd, Westerdale

1559 two meares, one horse and one yeringe calf, Stanley

1567 one blacke mayre with a yearinge foole, Fixby

1642 When wee take gates for our younge beasts wee hire usually for all our yeerings, all our 2 yeare old beasts and but seldome for oure 3 yeare olde beasts, Elmswell

1699 two Twinter whyes & one Yeareing Stirke Ł5 10s, Barnoldswick.

dates 1549 1557 1559 1567 1642 1699

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0