1) Evidently a bowl or pot, made of brass or iron, possibly with two ‘lugs’ or ears.

1445 ac j ollam eneam meam secundariam vocatam a getelyngpotte, York

1452 j ollam, j yetlyng de ere, j pelvim, Scarborough

1459 I witt to the house of Feryby for to pray for my saule my long tabill and j yetteling with the eres, Hull

1533 iij bras potts, ij pans with a gottlyng [sic] xiijs, Mappleton. The OED has an example in Durham dated 1378-9 and it is described there as a utensil with a bow handle and three feet.

spellings getling
dates 1378-1379 1445 1452 1459 1533

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0