1) A York street-name which has not survived, literally Cattle Lane.

It was recorded in 1612 and Angelo Raine identified it as today’s George Street. it has a much longer history, though, for 'gate' had replaced the earlier word 'geil' which also had a Scandinavian origin and meant 'narrow lane or passage between houses'. In 1353, land released by Walter de Kelsterne was said to stretch from ‘the highstreet of Walmegate in front as far as the lane called Noutegale behind’ and in 1365 property in Walmgate and Fishergate was said to abut on Noutgaile. Similarly, in Beverley: 1366 'a lane called Noutdritlane'.

places York Beverley
dates 1353 1365 1366 1612

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0