1) The usual vessel for holding ale, often noted as a brew-house item.

1459 j plumbum cum tubbes, soes, alepoittes, Ripon

1533 Item iiij tubbys and xvij aill potts xvijd, Muncaster

1567 In the brewe howse ... fowre fattes ... 17 ayle pottes one masse fatte, Fixby. It was also a household item: 1558 one scuttell with ayll pottes, South Cave

1559 I geue all my aylle pottes to Elizabeth Rawden, Jayne Moye and to Elzabethe byrkbe emonge them, Pontefract. Note the by-name: 1301 De Alano Potfulofale, Pickering.

dates 1301 1459 1533 1558 1559 1567

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0