almain rivets

1) A kind of light armour that was made with overlapping plates, sliding on rivets (OED).

It was first used in Germany which explains the word ‘almain’. In the will of Brian Stapleton of Burton Joyce it is just one item in a long list which gives us a clear picture of how gentlemen were armoured when they went into battle: 1545 all my harnes … that is to say, jackes, sallettes, splentes, almen revettes, legges harnesses, and all my bowes, arrows or sheffe of arrows… haylles, standerdes, and any other manner of harness that belongithe to warre . It was also used in the singular: 1565 j almon revet, ij salletts, Knaresborough

1570 Item an alman revet xiijs iiijd, South Cave

1586 Item almann Revett, Sheffield.

dates 1545 1565 1570 1586

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0