1) A workman who made or used rivets.

The occupational term is found in York from the early fourteenth century: 1307 gyrdelers and revettours, York. It occurred also as a by-name: 1313 Ricardus le riveter: 1419 William Revetour, clericus fil’ Rogeri Morbell revetour. Some of these craftsmen provided ornamentation for girdles but others may have been engaged in making the armour known as ‘almain rivets’ which owed its flexibility to the riveted and overlapping plates which were capable of sliding. No early references to the occupation have been noted elsewhere but in 1724 the inventory of Samuel Taylor, a Sheffield cutler, listed 4 revitting Stithys3 revitting hammers .

places York Sheffield
dates 1307 1313 1724

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0