1) The translucent fossil resin, imported from the Baltic and much used in jewellery.

1392 lego domino Briano de Stapleton unum par bedes del’aumbre, Ingmanthorpe

1434 unum par precularium de aumbre, Arncliffe

1453 1 pare awmber bedes, Hull

1463 1 lib’ awmbere, Hull

1524 a grete awmer bede, that hyngs by the Sacraments, Sheriff Hutton

1551 one pare of awlmar beades with syluer gaudies, Warley. Note the following: 1389 j payr bedys of lawmbyr, York

1401 j par de lawmberbedes, York.

spellings awlmar awmer lawmber
dates 1389 1392 1401 1434 1453 1463 1524 1551

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0