1) A pantry or cupboard, used mainly for storing food.

Examples date from the fourteenth century: 1389 a hawmberr with a cheker abowne, York: the ‘cheker’ may have been fabric with a chequered pattern or possibly lattice work on the upper part of the cupboard. The spellings varied considerably: 1462 j almery in the somerhall, Wawne

1524 a nolde Awmery in the Revestrye, Sheriff Hutton

1549 4 hayll pottes a namery and a discalle, Marrick

1551 I geve to Agnes, my doughter, a nambrey, an arke, Halifax

1578 Item one almerye, Stockeld

spellings aumbry nambry namery hawmberr almery
dates 1389 1462 1524 1549 1551 1578

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0