1) A rich tapestry fabric, or hangings made from such fabric. It owed its name to the town of Arras in Artois where it was manufactured.

1381 except la grant Sale d’arras, Guisborough

1392 lego aulam meam, de opera de arras successori meo Anglico, York

1434 cum le tapete de ares werk, Arncliffe

1485 coopertorium lecti de areswerke, Ripon

1508 a cloth of Arais werke sometime a hangyng for a hall, Wakefield

1513 the great cloth of arres that hangeth in the hall, Rotherham.

spellings arraswork
dates 1381 1392 1434 1485 1508 1513

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0