1) A maker of iron arrow-heads; an earlier form of ‘arrow-head smith’.

As a by-name or surname it has been noted in several parts of Yorkshire in the fourteenth century: 1337 Laurence Arousmyth, Havercroft

1356 William Arousmithe, Rawmarsh, and the occupation occurred in York from roughly the same period: 1350 Adam White, arowsmith

1400 Johannis de Badlay, arowsmyth. It was more common in the poll tax lists for the West Riding, especially in the Sheffield region alongside numerous ‘smiths’ and ‘cutlers’: 1379 Johannes Sareson, arusmyth

Johannes Scot, arusmyth, Ecclesfield

Henricus Breyksarth, arusmyth, Handsworth. It was evidently an established trade in the district and all three name-bearers paid tax at a higher rate. John Sareson paid 12d.

dates 1337 1350 1356 1379

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0