1) To assess, often abbreviated to ‘sess’, was to settle or determine the amount of tax payable by a community or an individual; to value property subject to a tax.

1485 any vitall that comethe to the market … to be sessed by the Maire, York

1555 30 youes & gymmares wynterd at home and 10 that is sest to half part price Ł3, Aysgarth

1580 payd to John Wayd the sherafe balye that my master was sessed to Walshforthe brege, vs, Stockeld. The assessment was the valuation of property for tax purposes: 1575 a Sesment maide for the tenements belonging the Tounshipe of Thurstonland

1671 spent at sesing the poor ses 2d, Bradford.

spellings assessment sess sessment
dates 1485 1555 1580 1671

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0