1) The badger was an itinerant tradesman who bought corn and other commodities which he sold as he travelled around.

1551 William Burgh, Baggar, Woodkirk

1599 Gilbert Wimpenie, Dalton, badger

1642 that market is the quickest aboute 9 of the clocke ... because the badgers come farre, Malton. The word is on record from the thirteenth century as a by-name: 1297 Richard le bagger, Hipperholme and the verb ‘to badge’ may have developed as a back formation: 1607 for badging and buying corne contrary to the statute, Yarm

1677 William Gomersall of Tonge, getting his livelihood by badging of corn. The occupation was an element in minor place-names such as Badger Gate, Badger Lane, e.g. 1614 a yeate called badger yeate in Calton, Malham.

dates 1297 1551 1599 1607 1614 1642 1677

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0