Quarter Session rolls, 1662-1971

West Yorkshire Archive Service: Wakefield


admire agone arch attach backside badge badger badly bag bairn bark bark chamber bark sack battlement besom better bind bleb bodies bolted bread borax bottle boulder bowshot bray breast bridge-house bridge-stone call camblet cambrel campaign cappel car carriage case casement catch causey centre clap clew clew clog clogger club coif come to common cornice coulter cramp cratch cross cloth cry cut down day-tale man day-work deny dial stead distracted doubt dress dresser dryster face fadge fest fillet fire-point fog fore-end fork grains foul fratch goblet grove hamper hang hanger harden hare-pipe harking harmless haver hazel head heater hebble heck heckle higgler holland hoop horse-coper huck-bone huddle hull jewel jump coat kiss lade lap lease lime list loggerhead look to master mastiff meet with melancholy nat Norway oak oakum offal oiled cloth out-door own panch pave penny nail piggin pill pillow-bere pinner pit-hill point poke posset potteringly presently prick in the belt prick wage privity punch put forth put off quaking quarrel quart quy raddle ramper raper staff rate ratsbane recusant reins ridging road rocher roof rotten wood rud ruddle sawther scoop score scree seal serve their turn set setter shilling shoe shot showing skirt skrike sliding rule sneck snickle spout spring sprout staddle hay stanchion stand stand heck stave hedge stay stick stone stoop stooth strinkle stub stuff swallow tabler tallow tar taw teem throng town-gate trace undone unlike wain wain-gate want warp up wax while whin whisht wind wiseman within wood collier

QS1, 51/4





gipsy warren


Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0