1) A baker, especially the person responsible for the common bake-house or backhouse. The term could apply to either men or women.

1390 Item lego Matildć bakestir j goune de russet, Blyth

1379 Thomas Bakester, bakester, Bolton on Dearne. It remained in regular use: 1482 Henry Alderson, Beverley, baxster

1527 The pryce of wheyt gevyn by my lorde Maier to the common baxters, York

1556 a payne is sett that the Bakster do take no doughe of mens servants in payne of everye tyme so doyinge xijd, Wakefield.

dates 1379 1390 1483 1527 1556

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0