1) An implement for sweeping, usually made of ling, broom or twigs.

1434 in besoms jd, York

1567 for besomes to swepe the ledes, York

1671 he was gettinge beesoms … in a broome close, Lightcliffe. Some references identify what they were made of: 1653 paid for 19 barch beesams and 6 other 1s, Stockeld

1738 6 Ling beesoms, Whitley. Ling was considered a valuable commodity and harvested only under certain conditions: 1750 No persons to pull Ling to make lats of in beesoms but Abram Taylor, James Taylor, and they to pay per ann. 3s 0d and to inform of any other persons to the Lords of the Manner, Meltham. The wings of large birds were also used for sweeping up: 1371 Et in besomns et wengges emptis pro mundacione Ecclesić 6d, York. The wings of seabirds used for that purpose were on display in a museum in the Faroes recently.

dates 1371 1434 1567 1653 1671 1738

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0