1) A maker of ‘blooms’.

The by-name is on record in the thirteenth century

from 1202 in Derbyshire, 1279 in Staffordshire and the West Riding: 1285 Adam le Blomer, Heckmondwike. An extent of Bradford in 1341 lists a forge site and blomerfelde, one of the town’s open fields. There is good evidence in Yorkshire for both the surname and the occupation from later that century: 1379 John de Kirkeby, blomer, Knaresborough

John Blomer, smyth, Cawthorne. The term was still in regular use in the second half of the sixteenth century: 1568 Harre Wylle blowmer for wage cartane 20s and a levere cotte 10s, Esholt

1574 the blowmer wages for one blowme ijs 8d, Sheffield. Of particular interest is: 1411-2 Richard Blomar, scytheman, New Hall, Shitlington.

dates 1285 1341 1379 1411-1412 1568 1574

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0