1) A tun or large barrel to contain bolted flour or perhaps bran, that is ‘boltings’ (OED).

1335 unum magnum doleum pro bultynges, Ripon

1485 unum bultington, vjd, Ripon

1535 ij bowlting tonnes ijs viijd, Stillingfleet

1574 In the backe howse. One boltinge towne, ij kneading trowghes, iij tubes, Brough. Similarly: c.1450 j bultyngfat cum coopertorio viijd, Beverley

1563 Item, a boultinge tubb, a kneading trough, with other implementes 3s 0, Elmswell.

dates 1335 1450 1485 1535 1563 1574

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0