bolt cloth

1) As a verb ‘to bolt’ meant to sift flour, using a fine-meshed cloth to separate the bran from the pure flour.

1378 In iiij bultclathes emptis per subcelerarium ijs, Bolton Priory

1395 Item pro Tho. Lewis pro j bult-clath d’no Abbati, viijd, Whitby

1504 Et de Johanne Rasyn a pece of bowte cloth, iijs iiijd, York. The spelling ‘bolting-cloth’ is on record from the fifteenth century: 1452 Pistrina Ebor. de pretio j bultyngtun viijd ... ij bultyng-clothes iiijd, York

c.1505 Item xxix yerdes off bowtyng cloth xld, York.

spellings bolting cloth
dates 1378 1395 1452 1504 1505

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0