1) Fastened or secured with iron bands, used frequently of chests and coffers.

1348 unam cistam ferro ligatam, Owthorne

1429 unum longum cofforum bene cum ferro ligatum, Colwick. Also used of kitchen utensils: 1542 ij ketles, the one bownd, the other not bownd xs, Cundall

1551 one newe bounde panne, Halifax

1585 an unbownd kettle 5s ... one old kettle bound 4s, Hudswell

1682 95 lbs of brass kettles & pans with iron bands on them, Ł3 11 9, Selby.

dates 1348 1429 1542 1551 1585 1682

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0