1) Brindled, that is reddish-brown in colour, marked with bars or streaks of a different hue.

The word has been in common use from the fourteenth century at least: 1345 unam vaccam branded juniorem, Spaldington

1538 one branded calf, Coxwold

1599 Item one brandet cow 45s, Fremington

1623 one branded rigelle whye, Elmswell. The accounts and diaries of farmers contain references through the nineteenth century: 1815 Paid for our dark Branded Cow Covering, Ovenden

1842 Branded Cow bulled, South Crosland. It occurred as a name: 1583 to my son ... two oxen namely Brand and Fawcan, Arkendale.

spellings brandet
dates 1345 1538 1583 1599 1623 1815 1842

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0