Dr George Redmonds' papers.

Private collection

A collection of documents in the possession of the author.

Whole source

bate batt bay behoof boose branded brandrill brawn buffet cappel channel churn claps clout colerake colliery corbaw cornice cottage cringle custom of the country deodand dight ditch-comb drab drag earthfast fettle fey firth fold-stead forprise forspoken freelage friezland oats fustic gargil grizzle hagworm hangings harmless houseleek hurder hyssop inhabitant jawm ladder room lick lugged mammal mantel-tree mixture moss mote multure parpoint poland oats pump push-plough razormaker ridging rised wough sad scribble set pot silver-plate skeel slip soken spetch statutes stirk stonery strip swath-rake swine root tanyard tickle turn-pump wagon-road wand webster welt windgate wold wough
Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0