1) A traditional dish, treated as a plural like porridge.

1789 I ate a little pancake at noon and a few Brewis, Slaithwaite. Peter Brears describes how it was made by teeming hot water on oatcake to soften it and then adding dripping and seasoning. The word’s etymology takes it back to Old French brouet, that is ‘soup made with broth of meat’. ‘Eels in bruet’ may have been a late fourteenth century dish: 1394-5 It. iiii styk browet eyl, Whitby.

dates 1394-1395 1789

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2) Here, probably a very early spelling of ‘bruse’, that is twigs or small branches suitable for firewood or animal fodder.

It occurs in a Latin context where the translation reads: 1433 ‘led wood from the lord’s woodland, both branches called brushwood and other wood’, Stanley.

places Stanley
dates 1433

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0