1) A wool-dyed cloth of superior quality, originally dark-brown in colour (OED).

1252 pro qualibet ulna viridi vel burneti xx denarios, Flasby

1346 supertunicam meam de burneto cum capucio, Easingwold

1391 j coopertorium de albo et de burneto, Lockton

1413-4 ‘And for 4 ells of cloth of burnet purchased for making one cape’, Selby. It was a popular name for an ox, probably as a colour: 1545 one yocke of oxen the one called Lemynge and the other Burnett, Conisbrough

1558 to my sonne ... an ox called burnett with halfe the plowghe geare, Burley

1570 two oxen called Meriman and Burnitt, Sproatley. Possibly the source also of the by-name and surname: 1234 John Burnet, Lofthouse.

dates 1234 1252 1346 1391 1413-1414 1545 1558 1570

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0