1) Northern spellings of ‘cole’, applied to various types of <i>brassica, </i>not just cabbage.

1612 for an assault with a cayle knife, Thornton le Beans

1614 a kele pott, South Cave. It is not uncommon as an element in minor place-names, e.g. 1580 Caleyate

1627 Calebanke. These refer to Kail Hill near Appletreewick which might be interpreted as cabbage-shaped hill. The earliest reference to this name is in an undated thirteenth-century charter: ‘between the path from Kale and the stream of Dib’, Appletreewick.

spellings kail
dates 1200-1300 1580 1612 1614 1627

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0