coal-pit rope

1) Ropes are mentioned frequently in coal-mining records.

1700 materials belonging the pitt … coalpit ropes, Fulstone. They had a variety of uses in coal-pits but those specifically defined as ‘coal-pit ropes’ will have been the ropes used in the turns and gins, capable of carrying heavy loads: 1718 Rec. a new Roape from Jo. Cromacke weight 54 liv. at 4˝ per liv., Farnley

1767 Pd Thos Webster for a Rope for the Pitt 51 yds 54˝ lb at 5d, Tong. W.B. Trigg said that the ropes were made of cotton and purchased in Liverpool but that was not always so, and a rope made in Leeds had dimensions that were considered newsworthy: 1780 Last Saturday was finished at Mr Rich. Clarke’s Ropery, near Hunslet-Lane … a rope for the new engine near Middleton belonging to Mr Charles Brandling, Esq., thought to be the largest ever made in an inland town in this Kingdom. It measured 120 fathoms in length and 12Ľ inches in circumference

weighed 32 cwt and 20 lbs., and is valued at near ninety pounds.

dates 1700 1718 1767 1780

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0