A collection of material relating to south Yorkshire.

Private collection

Mostly testamentary, relating to Sheffield to as far north as Holmfirth.Transcribed by David Hey and in the possession of Dr Redmonds.

Whole source

assidue axesmith bar iron barrow bellows bighorn bolster bone borax boring stoop bowsaw boxwood brandrill brasier buffbelt button house caulk child going-frame chop clog wheel coal-pit rope coltrough crust cutting stithy double bellows dragon draw box dress emery mill end engine even file-grinder gad German steel girth glaze going-frame grinder hack-hammer half-headed bed handles hen call hoppet horn horsing hot inkstand maker ivory kit knife laine lant lead leap London metal mall mantel-tree mustard ball olivant pack sheet pearl shell piece plate-shears pocket-knife posset pot press pressing iron pricker quern razor hone razor scales red tin riveter rollers rosin rotten wood runlet salt-pie scale-presser scales scrath scribble scrutore scummer scythe-striker serge set pot sheath knife sheath mould shruff brass sicklesmith slidder Spanish iron spavin spelk spelter spool-wheel spring knife stithy stock swaging stithy swarf tempering house tew-iron throw thrum thrushen tilt-hammer tinman tip tirl tortoiseshell touch trest tum tup turf-spade turn undressed unwrought walling hammer ware warping wough weeting wheelband wheel chimney white metal whitening stone wiredrawer workboard working tools
Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0