1) There seems to be some uncertainty about the exact meaning of this word which has been said to be a kind of ‘knobbed’ andiron or one of the irons on which a spit turns (OED).

1451 Item j cobyryn, York

1485 j cobiren iiijd, Ripon

1554 vj spyttes ij payre of cobyrons one payre of tonges, South Cave

1577 one spytt & one payre of cobyrones 2s 6d, Abbotside

1581 1 rekyne, 1 payre of cobbyerns, Anston. In 1570 William Cobyron scotus was buried in Sheffield

his name is likely to have been Cockburn, pronounced Coburn.

dates 1451 1485 1554 1570 1577

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0