1) To plough for the purpose of breaking up the clods and making the ground smoother and finer (EDD).

The cogging harrow was for breaking up rough fallows: 1755 lower Intac ... Fallowing of Seven [acres] Plowings and Coggings at 6s per plowing ... for two acres 1s - Ł4 4 0.

sources Denison papers
dates 1755

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2) This was a sea-going boat in earlier times. However, most Yorkshire references are later and point to it as the name of a small vessel, one that was used on the inland waterways or towed behind a larger vessel. In some respects it may have been used interchangeably with cock or cock-boat.

1333 qd navem suum vocatam la Saynte Marie cogge de Ravensrodd. In some respects it may have been used interchangeable with cock or cock-boat: 1457 Lego ... 1 naviculum vocatam le Showte... 1 cogship, York

1475 Willelmi Gleson, cogg de Selby, xijd, York

1683 all that sixteenth parte of the Keell knowen by the name Caire-for-all ... & the sixteenth parte of the Cogg boate, Selby.

spellings cog boat
places Selby York
dates 1333 1457 1475 1683

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0