Papers of the Denison family

West Yorkshire Archive Service: Leeds

WYL160/129/ box 4

air-pipe air-pit bank bankman barrow crook black scale breast cog corf damage dress dry end gall garsil garth holdfast inset iron lodge middling open pale pick plate priest nail quickset rammer set out sough staple teem undermine unwrought watering-stead wedge

WYL160/129/box 1

bank room dike drown fire engine horse latch pentrough pillar stack

WYL160/129/box 2

battery damsel grove styth

WYL 160/129


WYL160/129/box 9

clow gudgeon melder open cast pit eye shill win

WYL160/129/ box 3

door-cheek several

WYL160/129/box 11


WYL160/129/ box 5

gin driver ring roll sinking tub

WYL160/129/box 7, WYL160/129/ box 4, WYL160/129/ box 5

way leave
Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0