1) Literally a place where coal might be ‘got’.

1653 all that Collery … new Sunck and goeing, Ingleton

1699 my coalery or coalmine, Goldthorpe. The OED has the spelling ‘colliery’ only from 1635 and early Yorkshire examples include: 1651 having a colliery of good value, Baildon

1727 he remembers the Colliery at Southroyd, Kirkheaton. In the earliest period ‘colliery’ was a collective noun, referring not to a single coal-pit but to the coal reserves in a particular territory

it might therefore consist of several coal-pits at any one time: 1683 made 30 li or 40 li per annum or thereabouts cleare out of … the severall Coalpitts or Collyery, Whitkirk. In Colsterdale it was referred to in 1685 as the field or colliery.

dates 1641 1653 1683 1685 1699 1727

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0