1) A cart with closed sides and ends, usually with two wheels, suitable for carrying loads such as dung and lime.

1494 all my waynes and coupes, Barmston

1545 one coup with one pair of wheilles, one pair of couppraithes, Harrogate

1575 j oxe donge cowpe viijd, West Burton

1589 twoo boarded coupes and two payer coupe stanges, Downholme

1616 Cowpe fyllinge Chapmans manure 50 loads 2d each load, Brandsby

1653 for helping to fill the dung coope, Stockeld. Other attributive uses are: 1647 2 shilved wanes & 2 coopwanes, Sharlston

1656 for stealing two coope cappings of iron, Brompton on Swale.

dates 1494 1545 1575 1589 1616 1647 1653 1656

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0