1) A baby’s cradle, or any framework of bars, cords, rods, etc, united by lateral ties; a hurdle-like structure (OED).

1433 ij cordis pro le credell plumbariorum inde pendendo, York

1581 ij skeyles, 1 kyrne [churn] with a craddle & other wod vessill, South Cave. In particular it was the word for a light wooden frame attached to a scythe, designed to lay the corn more evenly in the swathe: 1642 Corne Sythes have allwayes cradles for carrying of the corne handsomely to the Swheathbalke, Elmswell

1731 2 craddles 1s 0d, Austerfield.

spellings craddle creddle
dates 1433 1581 1642 1731

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0