1) A nickname in the civil war period for ‘roundheads’, descriptive of their cropped hair.

1650 he hoped to doe his King more service ... then any Cropp did the Parliament.

dates 1650

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2) The tanned skin of a squirrel or marten.

1415 et j furruram de croppes de gray, Wollaton

1429 ij gounes, one scarlet furred with croppes of gray, Tickhill

1436 et unam penulam de croppez, Newton Kyme

1451-2 tres togas viz unam de scarlett furratam cum martes ... et tertiam blodii coloris furratam cum cropes del martes, Hatfield.

dates 1415 1429 1436 1451-1452

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3) The crown or top branches of a tree.

1446-7 de pretio vj cropp quercum5d, Beverley.

places Beverley
dates 1446-1447

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0