1) A kind of cloth.

1587 unto my youngest sonne ... three peeces of clothe called grayes, Slaithwaite.

places Slaithwaite
dates 1587

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2) In early references to fur this was probably the gray squirrel, since ‘greywerk’ was the term for the finest squirrel skins.

1366 unam togam taune furratam cum grys, Arncliffe in Craven

1388 pur j furrure de gray, Calverley

1410 De una pylchia de gray, York

1431 unam longam togam de viridi cum furrura de gray, Arncliffe in Craven

1445 ‘a cloak coloured murray and faced with skins of gray', Bolton

1463 20 tymbres graywarke, Hull

1466 Lego dominć Isabellć Vavasour ... mantellum meum penulatum cum gray, York.

dates 1366 1388 1410 1431 1445 1463 1466

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3) One of several alternative names for the badger.

Townsmen who could provide proof that they had killed such an animal received a small cash payment from the churchwardens: 1648 Item for 3 gray heads 3s 0d, Elland

1676 six hedghogs, a Gray and two Wilcatts, Shipley

1690 For two gray heads 2s 0d, Conistone.

dates 1648 1676 1690

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0