1) An instrument of punishment, formerly in use for scolds, disorderly or shrewish women.

It consisted of a chair in which the offender was secured before being ducked in a pond or river: 1579 that the pillory stockes gibbet and cowkeinstolle be well made, Wakefield

1634 Fine 3s 4d. pro defect’ Tumbrell et abaco, anglice a cucking stoole, Honley

1690 Also that the inhabitants of the Towne of Huddersfield doe make a sufficient Pillory and Cucking stoole. Sowerby constables’ accounts have details relating to its construction: 1686 Gave for one pole to be a couking stoole 1s 6d

It. for leading itt from Bank Top Wood 1s 6d

It. Payd for other wood to be a chare and piles to fasten itt into the earth 11d

It. Payd for making itt 2s 6d

Payd for iron work 3s 0d.

dates 1579 1634 1686

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0