1) A coniferous tree with hard durable wood which grew in Western Asia and the south of Europe.

The wood was used for furniture, especially for chests. In 1395, John de Scardeburgh’s inventory had Una cistula Ciprensis, pret. iijs iiijd, and one mensa Ciprensis, pret. viijs. It featured frequently thereafter: 1502 et unum Cubbord de Cipris, Liversedge

1509 a long chist of cipresse tre, Dewsbury

1535 a chist of Sipres wherin were contened diuerse … praty thinges, Stillingleet

1557 one sypers cheste, xiij pare of lynnynge shetts in the same, Thornton Bridge. For references to cypress as a fabric see sipres.

dates 1395 1502 1509 1535 1557

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0