1) Obsolete forms of the past tense and participle of the verb ‘to deal’, a verb commonly used in wills meaning to share out or distribute.

1485 that ther be distribute and dalt xls to pore folks, as it may be thought most meritorie for my soule, Bridlington

1517 I will that ther be but dispendyd and dalt at my buryall in brede, ayll, and meytt, xls, Heptonstall

1539 Also to bee dalte in almouse to poor folks the day of my beryall xls, Scarborough

1543 I will that twentie and foure poundes shall be delte and geven the same day to poore and nedie people, Skipton.

spellings dalte delte
dates 1485 1517 1539 1543

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0