1) A verb meaning to share out, to divide.

1485-6 theyr costys equally deelyd, Sheffield. It was in regular use in boundary descriptions to identify the watershed 1499 frome thense towards the southe unto the heght of Hameldon os by the myddes of that heven water deleth, Hetton

c.1562 from the heighte of the moore where the heven water delyth betwixte the manors of Marske and Skelton. This usage certainly has a much longer history for its Latin equivalent occurs in an undated Marske charter a.1171 usque ad congeriem lapidum super Cockhowe, et de inde sicut aqua cćlestis dividit inter dominium de Skelton et dominium de Merske.

dates 1171 1485-1486 1499 1562

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2) ‘Deals’ were timber suitable for making boards, imported into east-coast ports from the Baltic, sometimes called Prussian deals.

1402 Mari Knyght de Dansk xvj deles, iijm waynscots, Hull

1453 Catyntroghe de Dansk 2˝ scok deles, Hull

1463 18 pruse delys, Hull. They were referred to frequently as firdeals: 1463 12 duss’ fyrdelys, Hull

1661 the carriage of firdeales, Elland

1743 boarded the great parlour with firdeal, Gargrave. The most explicit reference to ‘deals’ is in the Farm Book of Henry Best. His recommendation in 1642 was to purchase deals that were seasoned and not greene

he warned against new deales … bought and solde immediately … whiles the shippe … is yett in the haven. There were added advantages, for seasoned wood weighed less and the expense involved in its carriage was much lower. It is difficult to determine whether he was exaggerating but he claimed that 60 greene boardes which weare brought in each waine had allmost broken all the vehicles whilst covering a distance of just five miles. There is much more, about prices from Hull, journey details to and from Wansford, sizes, tolls, white deal and reade deale from Norway. The trade along inland navigation routes continued 1740 for freight of 500 of deals from Hull to Rawcliffe … from Rawclife to Wakefield, Whitley

1789 the deals you order shall be forwarded by the first vessel [that is Selby to Meltham].

spellings firdeals
dates 1453 1463 1642 1661 1740 1743

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0