1) To refuse.

1607 Edm. Grame for denying to lend his horse to carry a prisoner to Yorke Castle, Helmsley

1692 being in bed he denyed to aid or assist him, Hellifield. It had the meaning of ‘betray’ in the following example: 1674 I durst not denye my office, in which I have carried my selfe as wareingly [carefully] as possible a man can do, Golcar. In 1647, Adam Eyre wrote that Bramall wife denyed a brasse shilling which shee gave mee the last tyme I was there, that is did not accept that she had given him the shilling or refused to take it back, Thurlstone.

dates 1607 1647 1692

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0