1) When a tree was felled the stump or stoven had to be cut so that it would not retain water.

In a wood lease of 1763 it was stipulated that trees should be felled within or Under the Ringing of the Bark & that Low near the Earth & fair & Rounded off the Stoven & not Dished, Esholt.

places Esholt
dates 1763

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2) A measure of ore in lead-mining.

First noted in the OED in 1653 but customary from the twelfth century: 1692 did ... in a chamber find amongst other lead oar about ... three quarters of a dish of lead oar which they declare to be taken out of Elbolton, which they can testify because they know some particular lumps ... which were of their own getting, Burnsall. See trown weight.

places Burnsall
dates 1792

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0